Santos the Maine Coon cat running outside in a field

Sun’s Out, Cats About!

Spring is here with summer and long, warm evenings just around the corner (we hope)! What changes do we notice in our feline friends as the warmer weather approaches?   The most noticeable behaviour change

Spring is here with summer and long, warm evenings just around the corner (we hope)! What changes do we notice in our feline friends as the warmer weather approaches?


The most noticeable behaviour change is where cats and kittens like to spend their time during the day. It starts with the noticeable absence of our feline friends from being snuggled up under/in our duvets or curled up on their cat tower. Unless of course, your cat tower or bed happens to take prime spot in the summer sun and then this will become their new, favoured spot for the coming months. I could place a bet on the day ahead by the fact that on a warm day, Santos is at the back door wanting to be let out as soon as I rise. Equally, I can wake up to find a cat fast asleep in the sink, keeping cool. In this case, the feline weather radar is telling us it is going to be a scorcher of a day.


Santos the Maine Coon lying inside a kitchen sink

Five of Sam's cats sitting and lying down in a bath


I am sure my gang are more accurate than the ITV weather girl or our antique barometer in the hallway. If the temperature drops or is due to drop, I can guarantee the cat tower will once again be full until fair weather returns.


Santos and Belle the Maine Coons lying on their cat scratching tower at home


Cats’ sleeping habits also change when the weather gets warm. They go from spending the winter curled up in the tightest ball inside a cave or doughnut bed, to finding them adopting a stretched out lounging position on a flat bed or cool floor (my cat gang love cold tiles) in the summer.


Maine Coon cats and Bengal cats lying in their cozy beds or outside in the sun


For our feline friends who have outdoor access the odd ‘present’ starts to appear inside the house or just outside the back door as their hunting instincts kick in. From a legless spider to baby birds, nothing is safe if your cat is a hunter. Cats always seem to leave these unwanted ‘gifts’ in the most inconvenient of places –  I reckon they enjoy watching our reaction as we trip over them.


I still remember my brother whose Maine Coon, Bluebell decided to bring home a squirrel a few years ago. She proudly deposited the squirrel on his bed, only for it to scarper behind the washing machine. My brother, being a young man, went in to bravely remove it but ended up in A&E with a nasty bite. The best bit was that several grown men (his co-workers) had run out of his home in fear! It took another friend to carefully remove the poor animal with a towel and it was subsequently released up the nearest tree hurling abuse at them all as it went up (the squirrel not my brother).


Grey Squirrel outside climbing tree


The moral of the story? Never try to rescue a frightened animal without sufficient protection and be careful!


The sun also brings out our old friends, ticks. This can be a big issue for cats with outside access, especially in rural areas, as featured in my blog during the heatwave of 2018 which included a short film on How to Remove a Tick from a Cat.


A tick crawling on the whiskers of Santos the Maine Coon cat


Just like humans, cats eat less on a warmer day but once the cool weather hits, you find their bowls licked clean! Appetite is another sure-fire way to know that summer has arrived. Anyone else find this to be the case?


Also, why do my Maine Coons go outside and spend 20 minutes chomping away on grass only to return home and of course, minutes later bring it back up on my nice clean rug. I know it can help digestion and in some cases, it can relieve a fur ball but surely they could remain outside until after they have regurgitated it? They certainly love eating grass in the warmer weather.


Santos a Maine Coon cat lying in the grass outside in the sun


Bug hunting is a must for cats when it is warm, regardless of being indoors or outdoors. I can be quietly sitting and watching TV whilst my cats will be staring intently at what looks like nothing, but not at all, it is actually the feline equivalent of a heron hunting at the side of a pond. There is no movement whatsoever until it decides to launch for its prey. The only difference is that my lot are so clumsy that everything around them goes flying and the bug usually escapes.


Santos looking over pond


These are a selection of some of the traits that I have come to notice with my cats as the warmer weather appears. I am sure there are many more and we would love to hear any strange summer ‘quirks’ your cat has so do leave us your stories in the comments below!


A Maine Coon cat fishing in a pond outside


In the meantime, we hope you and your cats enjoy the warmer weather as it starts to appear! Do not forget the sun screen on exposed areas of cats who venture out to bask in the sun – especially cats with lighter coloured ears. Equally, plenty of fresh water is a must!

See you soon,



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